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SmallUtilities Suite

What's New


Released new version of C BASIC Runtime

As previously announced, this update contains the build that supports the gcc C compiler provided by MinGW.

In addition, the following functions have been added to the runtime:
  • CB.Console.GetKey%()
  • CB.Console.IsAltKeyDown%()
  • CB.Console.IsLeftCtrlKeyDown%()
  • CB.Console.IsRightCtrlKeyDown%()
  • CB.Console.IsShiftKeyDown%()
  • CB.Console.IsLeftShiftKeyDown%()
  • CB.Console.IsRightShiftKeyDown%()
  • CB.Console.IsKeyDown%()
  • CB.File.GetDiskInfo%()
Please look at the usage examples in the ISKEYS.BAS and DISKINFO.BAS source files.

Also the keyboard functions were splitted from CBCONS.INC to CBCONSK.INC include files.

As usual you can download the CB runtime from the development page and the previous versions from here