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SmallUtilities Suite

What's New


Released new version of C BASIC Runtime

In this release, the number of new features exceeded that offered by the original version of the MB86.

In particular with this release, the following functions have been added:
  • AnimateWindow%()
  • ConsoleExecute()
  • GetConsoleWindowPos%()
  • GetCurrentConsoleFont%()
  • GetCurrentConsoleFontSize%()
  • GetNumberOfConsoleFonts%()
  • MoveWindow%()
  • SetConsoleWindowPos%()
  • SetCurrentConsoleFont%()
  • SetWindowPos%()
  • ShowConsoleWindow%()
  • ShowWindow%()
Instead the following features were updated:
  • Added to the ChainNC() function a parameter to control the closure and visibility of the new window.
  • Added some new BAS example.
  • Incremented the number of available file identifiers from 40 to 256 (open file).
  • Increased the size of the console output buffer lenght from 100 to 1024 bytes.
As usual you can download the CB runtime on the development page.