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SmallUtilities Suite

What's New


Released new version of C BASIC Runtime

WARNING: This new version introduces a big change; the  namespace, so you need to modify your BASIC sources before translation, compilation and link.

Here are the list of available namespace and the number of functions that each namespace encloses:

CB.Console      43
CB.Datetime      7
CB.File         17
CB.GUI           5
CB.Math         5
CB.Other         4
CB.Printer      18
CB.Process      15
CB.RDS           3
CB.RESTFulWS     2
CB.Socket       10
CB.Sorting       2
CB.SQL          10
CB.String       10
TOTAL          151

In this update also was added the sockets support and the definitions of numeric and literal constants, please see details of new features in the following list:
  • CB.File.GetExePath$()
  • CB.Socket.CloseSocket%()
  • CB.Socket.Connect%()
  • CB.Socket.GetHostByName$()
  • CB.Socket.Recv%()
  • CB.Socket.Send%()
  • CB.Socket.SetSocket%()
  • CB.Socket.Shutdown%()
  • CB.Socket.Socket%()
  • CB.Socket.WSACleanup%()
  • CB.Socket.WSAStartup%()
As usual you can download the CB runtime from the development page.