Softspecialists - Hic Sunt Bytes
These applications are developed for the MS .NET Framework.
gJpgDate Application (23.5 KB)
Easily change the date and time of your jpg files to the pictures creation data time.
gRen Application (0.1 MB)
Massively change the name of yours files following the files date creation or last write order.
Scan4Web Application - Version March 2018 (0.6 MB)
Scan the network for web servers detection and store results in a SQLite database.Requires the .NET Framework 4.5 as a prerequisite.
SplitTextLine Application (72.3 KB)
Splits one or more rows of multiline text files. You can choose which line end indicator to use and ignore blank lines in both the input file and within parsing results.
SQLBulkCopyTable Application (8.9 KB)
Lightweight application that make easy copying data between different Microsoft SQL Server database especially if not linked. With the SQLBulkCopyTable app you can also create destination table and decide if you want preserve the source identity.