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SmallUtilities Suite:

Small Utilities Suite

The Suite is a collection of all below listed seventy-four Softspecialists applications.

You can choose whether to download all the utilities together by the following link or pick them individually from the list below.

Each application is fully portable, thus you can download the .ZIP file, decompress it and use the program from where you extracted it.
Instead, the suite (that is an executable file) is self-installing, so just download and run it.

SmallUtilities Suite - Version 7.4 (1.47 MB)
A bundle of all utilities rolled up together with help and installation program.

AddPath (67.6 KB)
Add or remove path to the %PATH% variable. With this utility you can add or remove a path in a search path.
ASCII (44.7 KB)
Create and display the ASCII character table and codes.
Ask (41.8 KB)
Quering an user input from console. It offering timeout, default value and more.
Bases (42.3 KB)
Bases is a Windows console program that performs rapid base conversion. It shows number in binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal bases. You can choose the input format (base) and as result you obtain all the previous listed bases.
Beep (31.9 KB)
Beep is a Windows program that play the optionally specified alert sound through audio card or computer speaker.
BootCopy (57.1 KB)
BootCopy is a Windows native program that will let you to smoothly perform a file copy while Windows is booting.
Bundle (0.2 MB)
Bundle let you to puts a bunch of files into a single executable.
ByteCopy (33.7 KB)
ByteCopy is a lightweight program based on NT native API for quickly copy file up to 1000 Tera Byte.
CCalc (52.3 KB)
Perform calculations from the console or batch file. Besides the traditional operators are available advanced mathematical functions.
CDG (78.1 KB)
CDG is a Windows program that will let you to temporary change the default gateway with just one click, start your favorite web browser and restore back the default gateway to its previous value as soon the browser has closed.
CDOpCl (44.8 KB)
CD/DVD Drive door opens and closes. Check the status of your CD player even remotely, with this program because you can open or close the door of the CD/DVD drive.
Char2Code (31.7 KB)
Display the corresponding code of given character.
ChecPath (57.6 KB)
Check for wrongs paths (not existing) inside the %PATH% variable.
ChgScreenRes (49.7 KB)
Change Screen Resolution. Usefull for change the screen resolution from startup folders or scheduled tasks.
ClearClipboard (51.0 KB)
Clear the clipboard contents.
ClipCase (66.9 KB)
ClipCase is a Windows program for quickly perform case conversion of clipboard data. It converts UNICODE or ASCII clipboard text data to upper or lower case.
CloseWin (46.3 KB)
Shut down or restart windows. Shut down or restart windows on local or remote PC. The shut down process could be stopped.
Code2Char (32.1 KB)
Display the corresponding character of given code. It can be also used as a decimal to exadecimal converter (and vice-versa).
CPUId (29.7 KB)
Display some processor related (CPU) information.
CreaFile (17.1 KB)
Create a disk file and fills it on fly. Quickly create a file with the size that you give it to command line. Usefull for system and file transfer testing.

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