CreaFile  Create file utility

Copyright 2004-2009 Roberto Bianchi

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CreaFile is a Windows program that will let you create (and optionally fill) a file of given size.

CreateFile requires Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.

Using CreaFile

You should start CreaFile from command prompt or from another program or batch.

Command Line Options

CreaFile supports the following command-line options:

usage: CreaFile [[Path]FileName [-a] [-d] [-f] [-n] [-s FileSize] [-u Unit] [-?]]



The file name to create whit optionally the path.



The file name to create whit optionally the path. Warning, the use of this option can be harmful for your system.



Display the free space on destination disk.



Fill the file with this character, for example with -fx fills the file with x.



Use internal buffer. This option can speed up the file operation.



Do not create a file, usefull with -d option just to test everythings.



Specifies the size of the file to create, the default value for size is 0 byte.


-u B|K|M|G

Unit of FileSize is B=Bytes or K=KB or M=MB or G=GB, the default value for unit is B (bytes).



Activate the verbose mode.



Displays command-line usage (this help).


If you run CreaFile without any parameter you get the above help.

Return Value

CreaFile returns 1 if succeeds or 0 if fails.