AddPath  Add a path or remove it from the %PATH% variable

Copyright 2009 Roberto Bianchi

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AddPath is a Windows program that will let you to add a path to the %PATH% variable that contains a semicolon-delimited list of directories in which the command interpreter will search for executable and script files.

AddPath requires Windows 95.

Using AddPath

You should start AddPath from command prompt or from another program or batch.

Command Line Options

AddPath supports the following command-line options:

usage: AddPath [ path [-q] [-r] [-?] | [-h]]



A new search path to add to the %PATH% variable.



Runs in quiet mode (no messages).



Remove the path from the %PATH% variable instead to add it. This option require Windows 2000 or above.


/? /?

Displays command-line usage (this help).



Displays command-line usage (this help).


If you run AddPath without any parameter you get the above help.

Return Value

If AddPath succeds the return value is zero otherwise if fails the return value is non-zero.