Beep  Plays a simple beep or a waveform sound.

Copyright 2011-2012 Roberto Bianchi

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Beep is a Windows console program that play the optionally specified alert sound.

Beep requires at least Windows 2000.

Using Beep

You can use Beep from the command prompt, another program, batch or script file.

Command Line Options

Beep usage: Beep [SoundType] [/? | /h]



Is the sound type to play, it can be one of followings values:



   1  Produces the simple beep sound



   2  Produces the Windows Critical Stop sound



   3  Produces the Windows Asterisk sound



   4  Produces the Windows Question sound



   5  Produces the Windows Exclamation sound



   6  Produces the Windows Default Beep sound



   7  Produces the sound with the PC internal speaker


/? | /h

Display this brief help.



If Beep cannot play the specified alert sound, it attempts to play the system default sound or a simple beep through audio card or computer speaker.

If you run Beep  without any parameters it use the option 1 as default values for SoundType.


Beep 6                         Plays the Windows default beep sound.

Return Value

If Beep  succeeds, the return value is nonzero otherwise the return value is zero.