ClipCase  The Clipboard Case Helper.

Copyright 2011 Roberto Bianchi

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ClipCase is a Windows program for quickly perform case conversion of clipboard data. It converts UNICODE or ASCII clipboard text data to upper or lower case.

ClipCase requires at least Windows XP.

Using ClipCase

Once you start ClipCase it runs in the taskbar status area, to open the main dialog doublel click on the icon or right click on it and choose Show from the contextual menu.

To terminate ClipCase it close the main dialog or right click on the status bar icon and choose Exit from the contextual menu.

ClipCase hooks the keyboard and waits for the following keystoke:


CTRL + Shift + L

 For change the clipboard text to lowercase.


CTRL + Shift + U

For change the clipboard text to uppercase.

Command Line Options

ClipCase has no command line.

ClipCase usage: ClipCase.exe


To report that the conversion has been completed the ClipCase program beeps.

Return Value

ClipCase returns zero in case of success otherwise non zero for failure.