CloseWin  Close Windows utility

Copyright 2002-2009 Roberto Bianchi

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CloseWin is a Windows program that will let you to shut down and restart a local or remote Windows base computer.

CloseWin requires Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.

Using CloseWin

You should start CloseWin from command prompt or from another program or batch.

Command Line Options

CloseWin supports the following command-line options:

usage: CloseWin [ Action [-c] [-f] [-m message] [-r PCname] [-t seconds]]



One of following actions: -reboot Restart the system, -down Shut down the system and -abort Stop the running shut down or reboot.



Don't perform any action, only check the parameters.



Force to close open applications.


-m message

Message to display to the user (default "System will be closed.").


-r PCname

Specify the remote computer name to shut down or reboot.


-t seconds

Time-out period in seconds (default 20).


If you run CloseWin without any parameter you get the above help.

Return Value

CloseWin If the function succeds the return value is non-zero otherwise if fails the return value is zero.


If you need a CloseWin version that running on Windows 9x/ME please check the appropriate page on web site.