Comma Separated Values

Small utilities apps for CSV files

csv smallutilities apps

Apps for handle CSV files:

As know, the comma separated values (CSV) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form.
Despite the wide availability of specific software for data bases management, the CSV files are still used intensively on a daily basis in multiple activities.

From Softspecialists you can find four simple and powerful tools with which to perform better all management activities related to CSV file at zero cost!

The specific applications for the treatment of the CSV file currently available are:CSVInfo (for discovery information abou a CSV file)

  • CSVInfo (for discovery information abou a CSV file)
  • CSViewer (for browse the CSV file)
  • CSVReplace (for change the column separator)
  • CSVSort (to sort the CSV file)

You can find these applications on the Download Area as single application or altogether inside the SmallUtilities program suite.

As usual your comments or suggestions are welcome!

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