Download Application for WINDOWS ME/98/95:

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CD autorun fully configurable

Finally, you can boot a CD presenting a menu to choose from fully configurable text file. Thanks to the help file in English and Italian can be configured in a few minutes, the start menu.
Download AUTORUN.ZIP file (41.8 KB).

Close windows

Shutdown that works in Windows 9x and NT.
Download CLOSEWIN9x.ZIP file (8.3 KB).

DLL with API for LFN use with WIN32

WIN32 library that runs through thunking low level access to the disk and FAT32.
Download FAT3232.ZIP file (17.4 KB).

NE Version Number

Sets the version number in a file NE. Necessary for the construction of thunking!
Download NEVP.ZIP file (5.5 KB).

Set active partition for next boot

Set the active partition for next boot.
Download SETNXT32.ZIP file (35.9 KB).