Download Softspecialists Small Utilities Suite

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Small Utilities Suite Introduction

The suite is a collection of eighty Softspecialists MS Windows native applications.
You can choose whether to download all the utilities together by the link below or pick them individually from the here.
Each application is fully portable, thus you can download the .ZIP file, decompress it and use the program from where you extracted it.
Instead, the suite (that is an executable file) is self-installing, so just download from the link below and run it.

Small Utilities Suite requires at least Windows 2000.

Using the Small Utilities

After installing them, open the command prompt or choose the run option from the start menu, write the utility name and then press the enter key. Starting from version 2.00 the Small Utilities has integrated a software updater (SSUpdater.exe module). In order to keep yours Small Utilities updated you should run it (as you like) manually because the automatic checking was deliberately not developed for not to be too invasive. When updating, no local data is transmitted on the internet.

Version 2.1 contains also the SSGo.exe module to move quickly with utilities.

The usage is: SSGo [action]
Where actually [action] can be a combination of one or more following values:
  HELP    Open the Small Utilities local help (offline). Available from version
  HOME    Go to the Small Utilities installation folder.
  LIST    Print a compact list of all apps executables. Available from version
  UPDATE  Check for new updates by launching the updater. Available from version
  WEB     Open the Softspecialists home page with the default web browser. 

If you start the SSGO command without any parameters the default action will be HOME.

NOTICE: Sometimes Windows Security Virus & Threat Protection detects Smallutilities.exe as Trojan:Win32/Tnega!ml or as others malware, if you still want to download and install it or install an update from the command prompt with SSGO.EXE you should manually add the SmallUtilities Executable within Windows Security Allowed threats (whitelist). Otherwise download the portable version (.ZIP) or pick up what you need from the list.

Small Utilities Suite - Version 8.0 (4.38 MB)

A bundle of all utilities rolled up together with help and installation program.

The Small Utilities suite

Choose your preferred type to download: the installation program that requires at least Windows 2000 or the portable compressed archive, which can also be used in Windows XP.
Please note that some apps could not work with Windows version before the Windows 2000.

Download the Small Utilities suite as executable installer Download the Small Utilities suite as Portable zip archive